Our Story

The concept of Chak-Chik Taco Bar was born around Abuela’s kitchen table in Southeast Mexico. This is where around her table, voices, laughter and familiar faces made a magical combination.

The table offered everything you could imagine in a Mexican Grandmas’ kitchen. The vibrant red of the tomato sauces, the fresh green of chili’s, and the smell of freshly patted tortilla’s filled the air. Everything was mixed with the freshest of ingredients, and the result was a dance of colors, aromas and flavors.

Chak-Chik is the name of the beach where we used to spend time with family and friends. Just the thought of it takes us back to our childhood, where everyone enjoyed our Abuela’s creations, while smelling the salt air and watching the intense blue of the Caribbean. 

In Chak Chik, we are recreating those memories, along with the flavors of home, and we want to share this experience with you. It’s not just a culinary experience, nor just a concept; its Chak-Chik. It’s authentic Mexican food, a taste of our home and we invite you to sit at our table, relish the taste and aroma of our family’s recipes, and enjoy being a part of Abuela’s family.


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